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My name is Jerry Sagouspe and I have worked with wood in some capacity for most of my life.  The photographs shown are of some of my work that spans a period of 38 years. I was born and raised in Southern Cal. In 1972 after several years of college I moved up to the California Central  Coast and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study Architecture. After leaving Cal Poly I took a job offer as a cowboy  on a beautiful  2200 acre cattle ranch in the Santa Lucia Mountains behind Cambria, Ca.  Much of the time on the ranch was spent cutting up and hauling huge fallen Oak and California Bay Laurel trees and splitting them for firewood. The constant exposure to all that wood  generated many ideas and inspired me to simply want to carve on it  (stacking wood all day long gets rather boring). From there I started to work less on the ranch and more on carving.  I obtained  2 inch thick redwood slabs from nearby Big Sur and started creating wall hangings and sold them in shops and galleries in Morro Bay, Cambria and Los Angeles Ca. as well as doing commissions and custom finishes on furniture, cabinets and woodwork in custom home settings. And that's how I started working with wood and finishes.


 I am fortunate to have worked on some of the finest high end residential construction projects in California from Carlsbad to Silicon Valley.   I have worked for several European window and door companies repairing dents and scratches on their already installed doors and windows. 

Offering finishes, repair and refinishing on furniture, cabinets, custom carving for wine cabinet doors, and open to whatever creative project envisioned. I value honesty and integrity in all dealings. Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy/ed the visuals here.

Best Regards,

Jerry Sagouspe

Email : sagouspe@verizon.net

Phone: 909 628 3010